Saturday, October 26, 2019
Gustafson Fine Arts Center
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Registration Deadline:
October 1, 2019
12:00 NOON

PAYMENT Deadline:
October 9, 2019
12:00 NOON

Pay after receipt of PayPal Invoice

No registrations will be accepted
after the deadline.
No refunds will be given for
missed or cancelled auditions.



FAQs: Preparing Students for the

GMTA Piano Skills Festival . . .

How do I choose a level for my students and help them prepare for the audition?
Visit our password-protected Festival General Resources page to see requirements for each level, audition examples, and recommended preparation resources.

​I am not a GMTA member. How do I get a password??
Non-GMTA members must pay a $75 fee to gain access to Festival General Resources and online Festival Registration Form. Please contact us for more information.

How do I register my students for the GMTA Piano Skills Festival?
Complete an online Festival Registration Form for each student by October 112:00 NOON.
Registration will close at the deadline.

How do I pay registration(s), and applicable medal fee(s) and $75 teacher non-GMTA member fee?
* * NEW THIS YEAR * * 
After registration closes, you will receive a PayPal invoice via email. Use the link in the email to pay the invoice by October 9, 12:00 NOON. No late payments will be accepted.

When will I know my students' audition times?
Times will be emailed to teachers approximately two weeks after registration closes.

Do my students need to play an arrangement instead of an original composition?
Yes! The performance category requires a published piano arrangement of a previously existing musical work. Memory is not required.

 Arrangements can be made from . . .  Examples
 Hymns and religious songs  His Robes for Mine by Habegger, arr. Sprunger
 Traditional, national and folk tunes  When the Saints Go Marching In, Traditional, arr. Faber
 Popular songs  Hey Jude by Lennon/McCartney, arr. Holland
 Broadway and movie scores  Star Wars (Main Theme) by Williams, arr. Holland
 Orchestral and instrumental works  Blue Danube Waltz by Strauss, arr. Streabbog
 Operatic melodies and art songs  Serenade by Schubert, trans. Heller






What is the optional Improvisation Event and how do I involve my students?
Six levels of the Improvisation Curriculum were introduced in 2018 with more levels to come in the near future. NEW this year is Level 7! This event is currently optional.

  • Students can choose different levels for the main curriculum and the Improvisation Event.
    See Festival General Resources for the different levels for main curriculum and the Improvisation Event curriculum requirements.
  • ​The Improvisation Event audition is separate from the main auditions. Audition times will be coordinated as closely as possible.
  • A separate judging sheet will be received, and a "special event" sticker will be affixed to the Festival certificate.
  • There is an additional fee of $4.50 to participate in the Improvisation Event.

What to expect the day of the Festival . . .

When should my students arrive?
Students should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time to check in at the registration table in the lobby of Gustafson Fine Arts Center. After checking in, they should report to the waiting room.

Can parents or teachers attend the audition?
Parents, siblings, and teachers are required to stay in the waiting room. A monitor will escort students from the waiting room to the audition rooms and back.

What do students need to bring to the audition?
Students should bring these items:

  • One original published copy of their performance piece with measures numbered. An additional published copy for the judge is suggested. No photocopies are allowed. Any digital/electronic copies must have the purchaser’s name printed on the music or should be accompanied by a receipt.
  • Audition curriculum materials. Additional copies will be provided if needed.
  • One completed Check-In Form should be attached to the front of the student’s music. Check-In Forms will be emailed to teachers after audition times are assigned.

What can students expect in the audition room?
A friendly judge will evaluate the student’s progress in the 5 required categories: technique, harmonization, transposition, sight-reading, and performance. Please visit our password-protected Festival General Resources page to learn more about the five categories, view specific requirements for each level and view examples.

After the Festival . . .

How will results be communicated?
Students will receive comment sheets with ratings for individual categories as well as a certificate with their overall rating. During the registration process, teachers may choose to purchase optional medals for their students. Medals display the student’s name and overall rating and cost $4.50 each.

When can I pick up my students' comments sheets, certificates, and medals?
Comments sheets, certificates and medals will be available for pick up at Pecknel Music approximately one to two weeks after the auditions. You will receive an email to let you know when these may be picked up.