Friday, September 18
GMTA  Zoom Meeting sponsored by Columbia MTA
10:00 am

~ Let It Shine! Celebrating Piano Music by Black Composers ~
presented by Dr. Aaron Matthews



Tuesday, October 20
GMTA Zoom Meeting sponsored by Greenville MTA
10:00 am

~ Prodigies: Lessons for the Young Musician ~
presented by Dr. Michael Lining, Prodigies Representative

Prodigies is based on the idea that during formative years of language development, children can learn music like a language. By introducing "meaningful play" with pitch and solfege syllables, children can be taught a high degree of musical literacy and even develop absolute pitch. Prodigies is a website, an app and a curriculum that's all about giving young children a fun, effective and accessible music education with an emphasis in aural and rhythmic development.

Michael Lining holds a B.S. in Music Education and an M.A. in Church Music. He is passionate about music education in the early childhood realm, and leads a pre-kindergarten music class at Bethel Baptist Child Development Center where he also leads worship music on Sundays. Michael helps Prodigies with their day-to-day business operations and also records music for the curriculum in his home studio.


November 6-7
60th SCMTA Annual Conference & Student Competitions


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sam Holland
Dean and Professor of Music, Southern Methodist University

Special Guest: Dr. Gary Ingle
Executive Director and CEO, MTNA


Tuesday, January 19
GMTA Zoom meeting sponsored by Greenville MTA
10:00 am

~ Teaching the Blues ~ 
presented by Bradley Sowash

Evolving from its rural American roots in the 1900s to worldwide popularity today, the 12-bar blues is considered a mainstay of improvisation by jazz musicians and educators. Though blues appears to be simple on the surface, many teachers, lacking experience with it in their own training, can benefit from guidance on how to navigate its nuances in the private studio. Learn to play and teach this essential American music form the right way.

This session offers practical tips for teaching the blues to all ability levels through demonstration and written examples. This is a hands-on workshop in which volunteer pianists and participant singing will be used to demonstrate how easy it can be to improvise in this form. Specific topics will encompass a comparison of basic and jazz blues forms, left-hand styles (including primary chord patterns, boogie-woogie and walking bass), and authentic blues scales, riffs and licks to prime the improvisational pump!


Saturday, February 6
GMTA Zoom meeting sponsored by Upper Palmetto MTA
11:00 am

~ Nuggets of Truth from Three Teachers ~
presented by Dan Knight

MARCH 2021

Friday, March 19
GMTA Zoom Meeting sponsored by Long Bay MTA
1:00 pm

~ Grieg: Repertoire for Intermediate Students ~
presented by Dr. Renée Jackson

APRIL 2021

Tuesday, April 20
10:00 am
GMTA Annual Business Meeting via Zoom

~ Summer Studio Shape-Up! ~
presented by Dr. Lorri Conder Turcios

How do we avoid the "summer slide" and keep our students engaged and progressing from the end of May through August? Dr. Lorri Turcios will give us an update on the newest possibilities for a fun-filled, productive summer!

GMTA VP of Programs, Lorri Turcios, holds masters degree in piano performance and pedagogy from Bob Jones University and Southern Methodist University respectively, and an EdD in Curriculum and Instruction from BJU.