Tuesday, September 21
GMTA Meeting, Pecknel Music Co.
9:30 am

~ Facilitated Interactive Rhythmic Experience ~
presented by Jeff Holland

Jeff Holland has a passion for sharing research and experience. A classically trained, multi-ethnic percussionist, he's collected rhythms and knowledge of how cultures worldwide use sound to communicate, connect, create, collaborate, and commune. Come join our first meeting of the year as Jeff gives an interactive presentation and experience on rhythm, group drumming, and incorporating these concepts into your studio and private teaching.



Tuesday, October 19
GMTA Meeting, Steinway Gallery
9:30 am

~ TBA ~
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November 4-6
61st SCMTA Annual Conference, University of South Carolina
MTNA Student Competitions, online,

Spencer Myer
Pianist, Conference Artist

Kevin Olson
Conference Clinician


Tuesday, January 18
GMTA Meeting, Musical Innovations
9:30 am

~ Introduction to Singing  and Sight Singing in Lessons~ 
presented by Joy Hughes
Lower School Music Teacher, Christ Church Episcopal School

Singing is easy for some students and uncomfortable for others. They always come with their own experiences and family history around singing. As musicians, we know that singing can be a key to unlock advanced musicianship. In this workshop, we'll try out many games and exercises to overcome discomfort. With varied ages and levels of students, these techniques can develop a spirit of vocal exploration. There will be tips for using ear-training and voice training for pitch-matching, pattern recognition, and sight-singing. Connecting to repertoire and finding the will will help your students value and enjoy singing.

Joy Hughes teaches general music classes, choir, and percussion ensemble for Primer-Fourth Grade at Christ Church Episcopal School. Initially, she taught Middle School general music and choirs at CCES. Her Bachelor of Music degree is from Furman University in Music Education. She earned her Master of Music degree in Piano Accompanying and Chamber Music at the University of Maryland. She studied at Carnegie Mellon University to earn her Dalcroze certification, and has training in Orff and Kodaly. Joy is past president of the SC Foothills Chapter of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association and has been a presenter for area music teacher workshops. She is a certified Interplay leader and has taught at CCES for 26 years. She loves helping students to find their voice, to grown in social and emotional awareness through music, and to discover their own creativity.


Date TBA
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MARCH 2022

Tuesday, March 15
GMTA Meeting sponsored, Sigal Music Museum
10:00 am

~ Tour of Instruments ~

Sigal Music Museum is giving us a tour of their piano collections! This museum is a leading center for preserving and celebrating historical musical instruments, and we are fortunate to have it right here in downtown Greenville. Come explore the collection as we go on a tour of the many historic keyboard instruments, and learn about the different programs available to you and your students. This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about this musical gem in our city.


APRIL 2022

Tuesday, April 19
9:30 am
GMTA Annual Business Meeting, Musical Innovations


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