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Saturday, October 21, 2023
Bob Jones University

October 1, 2023
12:00 NOON

PAYMENT Deadline:
October 8, 2023
12:00 NOON

Pay after receipt of  PayPal Invoice

No registrations will be accepted
after the deadline.
No refunds will be given for
missed or cancelled auditions.




What is the GMTA Piano Skills Festival?

The Piano Skills Festival is a non-competitive, adjudicated event that promotes LIFE-LONG MUSICIANSHIP!

With audition components that include keyboard technique, theory and musicianship skills, as well as performance, the Festival is intended to improve and expand students’ overall pianistic and musicianship abilities. Students who consistently participate will develop skills that last a lifetime.

Evaluated Piano Skills
11 Levels  •  5 Required Skills  •  1 Optional Endorsement

  • Technique—scales, arpeggios, chords and chord progressions
  • Harmonization—accompaniment of provided melodies
  • Transposition—transpose accompanied melodies
  • Sight Reading—appropriate to level
  • Performance—published arrangement (no memory requirement)
  • Improvisation—(optional; 7 levels) follow the rules of functional harmony

​Who may enter the GMTA Piano Skills Festival?
Any music teacher may enter students . . . 

  • GMTA members with the password may access Festival Resource Materials and register!
  • Non-GMTA members must pay an annual $75 non-member fee in order to access Festival materials and register students. (Contact us for more information)

How much are the registration fees for students?

  • Levels 1-6: $19 per student
  • Levels 7-11: $23.50 per student
  • Improvisation Event (optional): $6.50
  • Medal (optional): $6.50 per medal


GO HERE for Piano Skills Festival FAQs